• SIGMA E 12 kW boiler - OUTLET

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SIGMA E 12 kW boiler - OUTLET

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SIGMA E 12 kW boiler


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Serial Number:330000081

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 SIGMA E - coal boiler.

  • Increased water capacity of the boiler exchanger.
  • The upgraded retort burner ensures accurate fuel combustion eliminating unwanted emission compounds.
  • The blower equipped with air metering modulation with "ADAPTIVE CONTROL" system and PID function guarantees stable fuel combustion.
  • Reliable operation is ensured by an energy-efficient ABM geared motor with high efficiency . The auto-reverse function works well when the fuel feeder is blocked.
  • Furnace lined with ceramic catalysts dopes aggressive emission compounds
  • The boiler exchanger is built of horizontal ceramic shelves and vertical flame tubes, in which economizers are placed, which at the same time form an automatic cleaning system.
  • The K1PV4 controller allows you to operate 4 pumps and control one mixing valve. The standard includes a so-called weather sensor, and the control system can be expanded by using an additional room controller and an Internet module.
  • SIGMA E has a number of thermal safeguards that guarantee proper boiler operation and safe use of the device, as well as the so-called fuel tank pressure equalization system.
  • Feeder screw coil made of a single piece.
  • It is possible to make a change in the direction of opening the outer door.
  • Product Features:
    - additional ceramic catalysts arranged around the furnace
    - dedicated deflector
    - mechanical exchanger cleaning system
    - new generation retort burner with combustion air supply system
    filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

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